Complete underground conveyor review , Chute and materials handling audit and SIMIO dynamic modeling of the entire Kriel underground conveyor and materials handling circuit.

Included in this design review was  a functional review of the existing chute arrangements , with upgrade suggestions and estimates on these betterments.

The aim of this work was to assist in the rationalisation of the colliery’s underground conveyor systems, brought about by a shift in planned mining volumes and number of active sections. The mine is looking to reduce the throughput capacities of key conveyor lines, and where possible to lower the drive power requirements of these systems without compromising the mine and plant schedules, or bottleneck any other upstream and downstream processes.

The work done comprised of a SIMIO model and a complete mechanical design review.

  • Simulation Study
  • Conveyor Capacity Design
  • Anglo American - Kriel Colliery
  • 2016