Technical Quality

Isithelo Technical Quality provides leading quality management on capital projects, as well as specialist product knowledge into smaller SIB projects. Our expertise is backed by more than 30 years mining industry experience, based on the “four C” principle: criticality of equipment or service; clear requirements; competent supplies; check what you’re getting. Our value-add includes:

  • enabling you to eliminate costly oversight (avoidable and non-avoidable);
  • ensuring that all quality requirements and specifications are clear and implemented on delivery of solutions or services.


  • Project quality: Stay In Business (SIB) challenges and Capital Projects
  • Project QA: manufacturing and site inspection
  • Supplier Quality Monitoring
  • Identify, assess and manage 3rd party inspection companies
  • Technical assessments on suppliers capabilities
  • Department ISO 9001 implementation and support

“Our quality assurance mechanisms will increase your confidence in your suppliers, improve client/supplier work processes, boost efficiency, and ensure that quality is delivered first time.”

Nkululeko Nkabinde, Isithelo Technical Quality Assurance

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Our Sub-contracting model is flexible and well suited to building project teams and attracting larger projects.