We Provide Operational Support

Isithelo’s focus is to provide specialist technical expertise and solutions to the mining and other industries.

Our Safety Pledge

Safety, health and protection of the environment forms an integral part of the work we do. We recognise the risk carried by our clients in conducting their day to day operations, and as such pledge to ensure that our own internal policies and procedures, including safety, environmental processes and the quality control of the work we conduct , is focused on the reduction of risk at every possible opportunity for our team and yours.


Our Services

Our areas of specialization include geoscience, project engineering and integration, safety and sustainability, comprehensive engineering services and change management specific to improved operational performance.

Isithelo Engineering


Industrial, Mechanical, Materials Handling, Minerals Residue, Materials Engineering.

Isithelo Field Services

Field Services

Our comprehensive field services are backed by more than 30 years mining industry experience.

Isithelo Technical Quality

Technical Quality

Project Quality Management, Quality Assurance, Expediting.

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