Isithelo Field Services

Our comprehensive field services are backed by more than 30 years mining industry experience. We provide technical installations, on-site technical testing and implementation of equipment monitoring systems. Our value-add includes:

  • reducing maintenance costs and downtimes;
  • improve equipment reliability, productivity and efficiency.
  • On-site maintenance work and inspections of Data Loggers
  • Strain gauge and data logger installations, testing and commissioning
  • Feasibility studies of preventative maintenance
  • Vibration measurements
  • Analysis using CAD and FEA
  • Welding and Quality inspections

“We are leaders in preventative maintenance and repair; applying hands-on problem solving and engineering expertise to support your on-site engineers and the safety of your production teams.”

Clifford Ndlovu, Isithelo 

Isithelo Field Services Team

Field Services Clifford Ndlovu

Clifford Ndlovu

BSc Mechanical

Field Services Jose Prozzi

Jose Prozzi

MSc (Eng Metallurgy)

Field Services Adrian

Adrian Hohls

M.Eng (Mech) | Pr Eng

Nico Muka

Nico Muka

BSc (Electrical)

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