Isithelo Materials Handling

We are a leading materials handling provider, improving and optimising your materials handling equipment and conveying systems. Our team includes industrial, material and fluid handling engineers, specialising in:

  • simulation and analysis of complex, dynamic systems;
  • evaluation of alternative solutions across the entire mining value chain and bulk materials project spectrum;
  • project services for upgrading or new bulk materials handling systems.

“We keep your bulk materials moving. Our expertise covers the design of new bulk handling systems, the optimization and refurbishment of existing equipment, through to the diagnosis of complex operational equipment failures”

Jose Prozzi, Isithelo Materials Handling


  • Mechanical conveyor design reviews
  • Discrete element modelling of flow
  • Dust management
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Stock yard equipment structural monitoring
  • Flow properties testing
  • Mechanical conveyor design
  • Plant and system capacity Studies
  • Bulk handling System audits
  • Bulk handling Equipment selection and Concept Studies Design, Detail and Fabrication of the Conveyor Equipment

Isithelo Materials Engineering

We provide innovative materials engineering solutions and services to all industries. Our expertise includes identifying the root cause of failures, advise on the best materials for each application and assistance with all your materials, mechanical testing, corrosion and welding requirements.


We offer basic courses in:

  • Failure investigation
  • Corrosion
  • Welding


  • Failures investigations
  • Materials of construction selection
  • Corrosion studies
  • Remaining life assessment
  • Welding inspections
  • Wear studies
  • Coating selections and specifications
  • Mechanical testing
  • On-site inspections and assessments
  • NDT testing
  • Forensic engineering and investigations
  • Root cause analysis

“We provide solutions for all your (physical) materials problems and requirements; with a commitment to improving performance, reliability and total cost of ownership.”

Jose Prozzi, Isithelo Materials Engineering

Isithelo Materials Engineering Team

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Jose Prozzi

MSc (Eng Metallurgy)

Isithelo Mechanical Engineering

We provide Mechanical Engineering services in the area of structural dynamics, mechanical simulation, failure analysis on both structures and rotating equipment, mechanical data analysis, metal fatigue and machine life evaluations as well as mechanical inspection. Our value-add includes:

  • Reducing your production down time through planning and understanding equipment usage;
  • Reducing risk around unplanned and possible catastrophic failures through critical equipment analysis;
  • Increasing reliability and learning from incidents.


  • Mechanical simulation (static, dynamic and rigid body dynamics)
  • Mechanical testing (vibration assessment, strain/stress testing and component testing)
  • Data Analysis of SCADA and general mechanical data
  • Mechanical, structures and machine failure analysis and inspection

“We can support your operation and maintenance strategies to meet current and future market conditions which demand clear understanding and planning around mechanical equipment usage, expected life and failures modes.”

Hennie Klopper, Isithelo Mechanical Engineering

Isithelo Mechanical Engineering Team

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Dr Michael Thoresson

Ph.D (Mech Eng)


Hlekani Shabalala

BSc.Eng (Mech)

Isithelo Mineral Waste Engineering

We provide cost effective and industry-leading mineral waste solutions with a focus on flexibility and innovation, tailored to meet your mineral residue needs. Our more that 40 years technical experience, servicing mainly the sub-Saharan African mining environment, spans the entire project lifecycle.

“Our innovative and flexible approach to mineral residue disposal, from concept to closure, includes operational auditing and corporate governance. We provide appropriate and practical solutions, keeping your organisation on track with changing regulations and increasing public environmental awareness.”

Clive Mapani, Isithelo Mineral Waste


  • Mineral waste and water management facility design, from feasibility to detailed design
  • Mineral waste facility operational management review
  • Geotechnical site investigations
  • Mineral waste geotechnical characterisation, modelling and assessments
  • Mineral waste facility closure planning
  • Design of return water dams, recharge systems and water supply
  • Construction supervision and project management
  • Dam safety classification and registration and provision of registered engineer/professional engineer services
  • Slope stability, seismic and seepage deformation assessments
  • Site selection studies
  • Cost / benefit studies, design reviews and optimisation water use optimization

Isithelo Mineral Waste Engineering Team


Duncan Cameron

CEng (Civil) | BSc (Civil) | PrEng


Clive Mapani

BSc (Civil)
Pr Eng

Isithelo Operations Research

We are a leading provider of analytical services aimed at improving process and system performance, servicing the mining, manufacturing and logistics industries, among others.

We support your operational and business improvement programs and enhance your system effectiveness for sustained operational excellence, specialising in:

  • advanced analytical methods to simulate and analyse complex, dynamic processes;
  • advanced statistical and mathematical optimisation tools to unlock optimal solutions to complex decision-making problems.

We also offer assistance with your organisation’s software requirements

  • Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation
  • Simio software applications and libraries
  • Basic training in simulation techniques and use of modelling software


  • Dynamic simulation modelling
  • Long term planning and feasibility studies
  • Short-term production planning
  • Equipment sizing and matching
  • Fleet size optimisation
  • Plant and conveyor sizing
  • WIP, buffering and stockpile sizing
  • Facilities layout planning
  • Bottleneck identification and de-bottlenecking
  • Validation of operational practices
  • Scenario testing and trade-off studies
  • Throughput analysis
  • Factor sensitivity studies

“Isithelo provided solid capabilities and a unique insight into our operational challenges. They helped us unlock a value add of $10.9 mil, with additional waste tonnage removal of 5.8 Mtpa enabled by their work. We were seriously impressed with the project outcome, and look forward to our future engagements with the Isithelo Operation Research team.”

Client feedback, Sishen Mine

Operations Research Team


Dr. John Liversage

PhD (Physics)
BTech (Industrial Engineering)

Isithelo Structural Engineering

Your operation’s safety, efficiency and structural integrity is our priority. We apply our engineering excellence with skills backed by our track record. As structural engineering providers to the mining and other industries for over 30 years in Africa, South America, Australia and North America, we have conducted over 100 structural condition assessments and audits, failure investigations and engineering designs; and developed solutions for remedial work. We have also compiled some of the structural engineering standards and guidelines currently in use in the mining industry.


  • Structural integrity and condition assessment (SIMM)
  • Structural failure investigation and development of engineering solutions
  • Static/Dynamic Design and Analysis
  • Structural Risk Assessment and Profiling
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Development of Repair Solutions and Methodology
  • Review of Mining and Industrial Infrastructure

Structural Inspectors Training Programme (SITP)

We offer basic training on structural awareness and inspections for non-structural engineers, including artisans, foremen, section/departmental engineers and lead engineers. It will equip technical personnel and empower them to conduct regular structural inspections and compile basic structural condition reports.

The 2-day course covers:

  • Basics of structural inspections
  • Structural deterioration mechanisms
  • Condition assessment and categorisation
  • Structural condition and risk rating
  • Basic repair methodology

Isithelo Civil/Structural Engineering Team

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Dr. Alvin Masarira

PhD (Structrual Eng) | PG Dipl (Project Management)

17-MUSA9826-Edit - Copy

Thulare Bopape

BSc Hons (Civil) | PrTechEng

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